and their
4 Seasons Revue

Playground, a name synonymous with good music, has been one of the finest and most enduring groups in the Tri-State Area for many years.  Their versatility has exemplified their many talents, and whether playing Rock, Top 40, Disco or music of the 50's and 60's, Playground, has continued to provide top quality entertainment.  They have had the good fortune to appear on television, in Atlantic City and in hundreds of concert halls, clubs and resorts.  Along with several record albums, 45's and CD's, it makes for an impressive track record.

And now, through the years of cultural revolutions in our society, Playground brings us back to one of the original seeds of the Tree of Music.  Today, they continue to entertain audiences in their own inimitable way by presenting a tremendous tribute to one of the greatest groups of them all, The Four Seasons. They also have a CD entitled "Images" in tribute to the Four Seasons.

With members Vic DeFilippi on Lead Vocals, Dave Rosado on Drums and Vocals, Hector Rosado on Bass Guitar and Vocals, Frank Cirigliano on Keyboards and Vocals , Al Cirigliano on Horn and Vocals, and Seth Okrend on Guitar and Vocals. Playground works their expertise on the Sounds of The Four Seasons.

Their show "The Four Seasons In Revue" has been hailed by concert promoters, dee-jays and audiences as the best impersonation of this great group in the entire country.  So with great pride PLAYGROUND brings this musical tribute to you.  They also have a CD entitled "Good Time Sounds Are Back" performing two original songs, "Playgirl" and "Valerie" which are being broadcasted in Sydney, Australia on the "Bring Back Yesterday Show" and in Berlin, Germany on the "Dragonland Radio Show". Playground also has a CD with 13 songs of original material entitled "True Love Is Here Today" which includes their song "Maybe Once", being broadcast on European radio.  In March 2014, Playground will celebrate their 49th Anniversary together.

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